Why Is My Low Back Pain Recovery Taking So Long?

Back Pain Recovery – During my 35 years of chiropractic practice, I have found that aches and pains treatment is a significant health problem in America. It is estimated that 50% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. Most chronic pain stems from problems with the spine in the neck and back. This article will discuss chronic spinal pain, its causes, most effective treatments and recovery time prognosis.

I recently had a patient who came to me in her mid-50s who had been suffering from low back pain for many years. The condition was slowly getting worse. A month or two before he came to me, the restlessness was so severe that he was finding it difficult to walk for more than 10 to 15 minutes. He was taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs and using moist heat on his back, but these remedies weren’t helping.

He said that he had faced back pain many times in his life. When he was young, the pain was relieved with medicine and rest. However now that he was older, he wondered

Pain Recovery

Why Is It Taking So Long for My Back Pain to Heal?

When I did an examination and took an X-ray of his lower back, I was able to explain and show him why he was having the intensity and duration of his current discomfort. His investigation revealed a lot of information. He could not lean forward, backward or side to side. Also, I could feel the swelling in the area of ​​his back complaining. This area also felt warm to the touch. This indicated that they were having swelling in the area.

We all know that if we burn our finger or sprain the movement of our ankle gets restricted and leads to swelling and inflammation. It also happens with the neck and back. Inflammatory chemicals and fluids invade the injured area, and when we touch it with our fingers it feels bloated and warm and movement is limited.

Their X-rays showed that there is a degree of bone shrinkage in the disc spaces of the spinal cord, with small bone spurs present. This is called wear-and-tear arthritis. Medically, it is called degenerative joint disease or spinal spondylosis. This arthritis or degeneration is the result of accumulated lifelong injuries to an area.

This underlying degenerative change will of course affect how quickly or slowly an area will heal. When my patient was young and had no spinal deformities, his back healed quickly. Now that he had accumulated multiple injuries and developed spondylosis, it is clear why his back was taking longer to heal.

Pain Recovery

Fortunately, as soon as he received chiropractic care, his discomfort began to subside. He also found that he was able to walk for long periods without experiencing back discomfort. His treatment involved using gentle, chiropractic spinal adjustments to correct the misalignment of the spinal bones in his back.

It took a few treatments of safe, chiropractic adjustments to fix the problem as best as possible. His remaining symptoms were insignificant, and he was able to walk for quite a long time. I asked her to remember that she no longer had the back of a 25-year-old and needed to be a little careful in her movements. He was also given some daily stretching and strengthening exercises to perform to maintain his improvement.

When he left on the last day of his treatment he said: “Doctor, if my back starts giving me the slightest problem I promise I won’t wait that long. I’ll be at your Website right away.

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